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Corona Virus: A View from Italy

Yesterday night the Italian government placed stricter limits on any citizen until at least April 3rd.

Maybe as you already know, for those who practice Aimed Solar Returns - which consist of moving geographically on the day of one's own birthday - this represents a real nightmare.

This situation distresses me, both on a personal level, and for a sense of powerlessness that comes from the impossibility of helping my clients with this active astrology's technique.

The instruments adopted by our school also include the practice of "exorcising the symbol" but this one, without the support of an efficiently protective aimed solar return, has small effects given a high level of personal sacrifice.

Yesterday was a miserable day.

It began with reading the stock market indices collapsing (a worse situation than that occurred in 2008 with the triggering of the sub-prime mortgages crisis, last passage of Jupiter in Capricorn before the present one in 2020), with a job interview in a company where both employees and managers were wearing protective masks making me feel like Truman chased by agents wearing anti-radioactive suits (from 6.30 on in this video);

the day continued with the postponement of another job interview with which I hoped to start a new working relationship, with the doom-and-gloom atmosphere you could breathe in the supermarket where I had lunch. And yesterday night the prime minister extended the emergency decree to the entire Country.

Sure, while I was in Fortaleza (Brazil) having lunch on the Atlantic Ocean's coast for my aimed solar return of november (2019), I already knew this year would be tough. But one thing is wondering, another one is actually living it.

And therefore all of a sudden yesterday I saw my beautiful Aimed Solar Return project literally being swept away by the collapse of the planetary cyclic index and by the century's most dangerous crisis.

I still have faith in this technique that has also donated me my very first client on this site a few weeks ago. A client who unfortunately, due to force majeure, won't be able to move on her birthday and have her requests satisfied.

Yesterday night I was wondering how to overcome this sense of powerlessness and defeat.

I opened again the book by the japanese thinker Daisaku Ikeda, namely: "Hope is a decision" (Milano, Esperia, 2019) and I would like to share with you a few extracts that have especially impressed me.

It's a brief book, I found it in stores sold at 10,00 € and it's worth the purchase:

"That the human being naturally fears illness and death is a true fact. This explains why most of us are taking care of their health. Living a healthy life, without illnesses, is one of the main factors that enable us to live a satisfying life. When I was still young, as I suffered from tubercolosis, I spent my adolescence accompanied by the fear of death. Therefore, I fully appreciate the value of a good health state.
On the other hand, we shall not forget that there's more than living a life without health problems. If we focus too much on health and neglect other aspects of life, we find ourselves preoccupied of not having any problem at all and this neither guarantees to us a satisfying life.
An individual may lead a significant life only if they have an aim or a vision whose achievement is worth their dedication all throughout their existence, whose value is long-lasting and remain unchanged even after their death. Buddhism explains the inseparability between life and death. To live this principle we need to exert any possible endeavour in order to live a fulfilling life in any instant of everyday, because, as Nichiren states: 'This life is like a dream, nobody can be sure of living until tomorrow'" (D. Ikeda, La speranza è una scelta, Milano, Esperia, 2019, p. 128, translation: mine).

Hope will be a crucial theme during these hard days and as my Ascendant is found in Sagittarius, I will further explore it.

On my side in this moment I can only tell you: Cheer up! and as my master goes: little time now remains before dawn.


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