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Another Kind of Help from China

Recently the Chinese government has sent Italy nine medical experts to cooperate in the fight against the spread of the virus, together with tons of sanitary items.

But on an individual level, what help can come to us from China and the chinese people?

This moment is really tough for all of us and the economic consequences of the pandemic will be hard.

As I have already written in a previous post, the densification of the energies in the Capricorn symbol - governed by Saturn, a crumbling old god as depicted in the astrological tradition - influences everyone of us by provoking the lowering of one's own energies and of the immune defences.

As we can see, the isolation and the feeling of loneliness, the fear of contagion and of the economic collapse all contribute in a silent but not less dangerous way to the impairment of the defensive capabilities of our immune system.

Between the end of January and the beginning of February this year (2020), the President of the People Republic of China Xi Jinping, in order to fight agains the virus, suggested to make use not only of the "modern medicine" but also of the practises of the traditional chinese medicine.

Among these, I would like to share with you an exercise taken from the recommendations of the Chinese foot reflexology for the treatment of the common flu and for the reinforcement of the immune defences.

What is foot reflexology? It's a feet and hands massage technique which is based on the assumption (not scientifically proven) that on feet and on hands you can find reflected all the organs, glands and parts of the body. The Chinese foot reflexology distinguishes itself from the "western" one because it makes reference to the Chinese medical tradition and therefore to a specific mapping of the reflexology zones.

This technique that I personally try to use daily (better before going to sleep) ensures beneficial effects on a longterm basis (I'd say over 3 continuous weeks of practice) and moreover this is a very efficient method for realising in advance that our body is ringing its alarm bells, a risky situation that normally we are not able to detect promptly.

How does this work? Simply by applying pressure on the reflexology zones. The sharper the pain, the more that area is currently under stress, so it urgently needs our massage.

So now don't panic :) in the pictures below you can see the plastic feet I use to help me identify the reflexology zones:

The exercise I'm suggesting you is the following (the specified time is intended for one foot only; normally, it is preferrable to first massage all of the points of the right foot and then proceed with the points of the left one):

1st phase: Detox

Kidney: 60 secs

Urinary Bladder: 30 secs

2nd phase: Prevention/Treament of Flu

Lung: 60 secs

Sinus: 30 secs.

Tonsils: 30 secs.

Lymphatic Drainage: 20 strokes

In the first phase, we shall massage the zones that correspond to the kidney and to the bladder, in order to foster the detoxification of the organism:


With the index finger positioned as in the picture here on the left, let's press on the kidney by moving, with the knuckle of our index finger, up towards the fingers of the foots and down in the direction of the heel, also trying to cover all the area with our massage.

We shall not press with too much energy. If we feel an intense pain, it means the kidney is especially stressed.

Let's massage for about 60 seconds.

Urinary Bladder.

As regards the point for the urinary bladder, we may use our thumb to massage it.

Some Chinese texts say it would be preferrable to massage this point by starting from the bottom upwards, that is to say, from the heel towards the fingers.

30 seconds each foot.

Now we can start to treat the zones which have the greatest influence on the prevention from common flu and in the reinforcement of the immune defences:


With the thumb we shall press the lungs area by moving circularly on the zone I've described in the first picture of this post.

Let's do this for about 60 seconds for each foot.

Frontal sinuses (cavities inside of the bones of the facial mass).

Let's pinch and rub between our hand's index and middle fingers the tip below the foot thumb's nail.

Let's press and rub for about 30 seconds.


Let's put the knuckles of our hand's index and middle fingers on the points of the tonsils. While exerting some pressure on this area let's move back and forth for about 30 seconds.

Lymphatic Drainage.

And finally, here's a very important tip for the rebalancing of your immune system, the point of the upper lymphatic ducts.

That's a buffer-shaped zone that extends from the intersection of the foot's index and thumb fingers to the intersection of the first and second forefoot bones.

With the hand's index finger positioned as in the massage technique for the kidney point, while exerting a little pressure, let's drive through the area of the lymphatic ducts, exclusively by moving from the foot's fingers upwards.

At every stroke, you shall remove the finger and position it again at the bottom. You have to make a single movement that goes from the foot's fingers towards the ankle. 20 strokes each foot.

This little yet effective exercise has just ended. If you like, with the index positioned as in the latest part of the exercise, you can press on the circular area around the ankle that I've indicated for your reference in the first picture and this for about 30 seconds. This also represents another reflexology point for the upper lymphatic ducts.

I hope this can help in such a complicated phase. Kindly Yours,


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