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2020: An Astrological Tough Year

Aggiornamento: 10 mar 2020

Many days have passed since my very first post on this site, many things have happened in the meanwhile and many are the insights.

Let’s start from the 2020 year, that astrologers, and particularly the specialists in mundane astrology, feared a lot: in fact, we are going through a period of planetary concentration in the symbol of the Capricorn (where we can find: Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, reached on these days by Mars too).

Twelve years ago, the last transit of Jupiter in Capricorn accompanied the economic crisis of 2008 and other concurrent astrological values already mentioned make astrologers fear the worst at the time of its return in the same astrological sign now, 12 years later.

Let’s start from a figure that can even catch the eye of the amateur: it’s clear that when so many “planets” are inscribed in the same “symbol” (Capricorn) we are faced with an important clustering of the universe energies; a relatively compact core that expresses itself with the characteristic traits of the winter sign of the Capricorn, governed by the planet Saturn, lord of the Time and of the limit, according to the astrological tradition.

In André Barbault’s view, a world renowned astrologer that studied the influence of the planets on the History of mankind, 2020 marks one of the lowest points of the Planetary Cyclic Index’ curve elaborated for the 21st century; the index is a calculation tool refined by the French astrologer himself that calculates the angular distance between the external planets of the solar system measured on January 1steach year.

As you can see from the graphic in the link, the index shows a first descending curve in correspondence of the economic crisis’ years starting from 2008, and a second descending curve, way more profound, in correspondence of the years we’re currently going through.

My teacher, Italian astrologer Ciro Discepolo, states that for each drop of the curve of the index it corresponds a rise in the number of deaths in the world (estimated in millions of deceases). According to him, the most serious health crisis that concerns our world is not the infection by corona virus, but the death caused by cancer, and at this respect Ciro Discepolo makes really scary predictions that I’m not going to evaluate in this post.

André Barbault wrote (and unfortunately in this moment I can’t retrieve the source) that in 2020 the People’s Republic of China, with the conjunction Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn, “seems to find itself at an important step of its fate”; that is to say, upon the occurrence of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on the Jupiter of the natal chart of the present Chinese republic. Saturn and Pluto met in Capricorn exactly on January 12th, 2020 (at 22°46’), just as the corona virus was spreading in the Hubei region.

This 2020 promises to be an especially difficult year, particularly from the energetic point of view, as this densification of forces in a sole winter value calls to mind the picture of a seed that lies hidden underground, “a launch phase for a slow ripening, without outbursts, to the conquest of a goal with a late expiry date” (A. Barbault, Trattato Pratico di Astrologia, Astrolabio, Rome, 1979, pag. 93); a pale and dull sun that doesn’t properly support our immune defenses, already lowered.

Also for this reason it is so crucial to protect oneself with an aimed solar return with a trip for the day of your birthday. While waiting for new articles, I’m at your disposal for any possible consultation at this respect.

With a sincere wish (tardive, yet heart-felt) for a happy new Year!


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