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Birth chart Reading

Birth Chart Interpretation

1 hour  /   price to be negotiated

A birth chart is like a photo of your sky at the moment of your birth.

Interpreting the symbols contained in this photo is very important to know your strength points and the areas of your personality which can be improved. 

The zodiac's astrological symbols express themselves as different instruments in an orchestra during a concert: the consultation of an astrologer is therefore necessary in order to distinguish the different "sounds".

Relationship Reading

Synastry Reading

1 hour /   price to be negotiated

A synastry chart combines the birth charts of two people in order to look for affinities or areas of mutual non-understanding. 

An indispensable consultation to understand if the relationship (of any kind: love, friendship, cooperation) is an important step in the journey of the souls that have met together. 

yearly Transit Reading

Predictive Astrology

1 hour /  price to be negotiated

An important feature of astrology is that of predicting the future. 

Thanks to the combined study of transits and solar returns, the astrologer is able to foresee the events that will have an influence over the different aspects of the life of a person.

We know that there is data that can't be changed and that can be studied only as they present themselves (transits), the solar returns, that is to say, the photos of the sky of "re-birth" of a person at anyone of their following birthdays, can be targeted. 

In other words, we shall change the positions of the planets along the Zodiac through the geographical relocation of a person in conjunction with their birthday. 

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